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About our waxAbout our wax
What are Wax Melts?
The wax is a carrier for the fragrance. Simply pop one into your oil burner and allow to melt. When melted you can extinguish the tealight or leave burning longer for a more intense aroma. Use over and over until the fragrance has gone then then simply remove and add another.

Why is Our Wax so Special?
All our products are handmade in Derbyshire from Soy wax. Our wax is produced from non GM crops grown on well managed plantations and contains no herbicides or pesticides. It contains only vegetable matter, is not harmful to the environment or wildlife, is biodegradable and is not tested on animals.
Soy wax holds the fragrance well and has excellent scent throw. As it is a natural product all you smell is the beautiful fragrance, not the wax.

Our melts do not contain any colouring. We only include what is necessary and feel that the purity of our products is important. We have selected the fragrances from the hundreds available to be the best and have different moods and appeal. We will be adding more fragrances as we go along but they will always be carefully selected for quality.
Online Catalogue > Meltaway Home Fragrancing > About Our Products

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Unpainted Wooden Kokeshi Doll

Unpainted Wooden Kokeshi Doll


Item No.BKokesh
Kokeshi doll left blank for your own creation
14cm high approx.
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