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Paint your Own Russian Doll KitsPaint your Own Russian Doll Kits
A range of good quality, achievable, 'Paint Your Own' Russian Nesting Doll Kits.
Craft KitsCraft Kits
A wide range of craft kits, including needle felting kits, decoupage kits, and knitting kits!
Meltaway Home FragrancingMeltaway Home Fragrancing
We supply a luxury range of natural soy wax home fragrancing melts. All our products are handmade in Derbyshire using only the best quality natural ingredients. They come packaged in recyled, eco friendly packaging. They offer 'Luxury with a Conscience'.

Blank Matryoshka and Craft SuppliesBlank Matryoshka and Craft Supplies
A range of Matryoshka left blank for your own creations.
Decorated MatryoshkaDecorated Matryoshka
A range of genuine Russian Nesting Dolls (Matryoshka) at prices to suit all pockets.
Please note that all products are hand made and may vary slightly in shape and design.
Russian Doll Themed Accessories
Information on wholesale.
Take a look at a handful of designs created by you!

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Unpainted Wooden Kokeshi Doll

Unpainted Wooden Kokeshi Doll


Item No.BKokesh
Kokeshi doll left blank for your own creation
14cm high approx.
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